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About 5 Months Earlier this wedding pic was taken. I started losing weight about 2 months after my wedding.





Welcome to Lose Weight With Me- This is where you begin your journey into looking better and feeling better

What you will find here!


Our story: All about my wife's and my struggle to lose weight and feel better about ourselves.
2 Losing weight: Lot's of info and opinions on losing weight and being healthy
3 Success Stories: Success stories from people who tried to lose weight and succeeded
4 Support: Probably the most important aspect of this whole site. Our support forum

"Losing More then 2 pounds a week is unhealthy"


July 14 2004 - I have been neglecting this site for 2 years for personal reasons
Look for a new look and a 100% dedication to you and this site!!!

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April 16
You could be in First for Women Magazine

"First for Women Magazine, a national women's service publication with a circulation of 1.8 million. We're preparing two articles: one about women who gained weight due to a bad relationship; and one about the pros and cons of dieting with a friend." If you would like to share your story about either of these topics with others please e-mail Rosemarie rosemarielennon@aol.com

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Did you know? Nutrition Facts
Lot's of things that I didn't know
  • Of all the saturated fats contributing to heart disease, coconut oil is the worst culprit containing 92% saturated fat. Canola oil, the lowest is flavorless, and our preference is a flavorful olive oil.

  • The best choices for a healthy diet are generally found around the perimeter of the super market.

  • Cholesterol is not a fat. It is a sterol and a biochemical from which many of the major hormones are derived, such as estrogens, androgens and the adrenal steroids to name a few. This means cholesterol is an important compound in the body, not just a potential cardiovascular threat.

  • It is given the innocuous moniker "Syndrome X" by medical researchers. We call it the "spare tire" or "beer belly." But these terms hide the potentially deadly effect of abdominal fat. "Visceral fat," the smoking gun, may explain why some obese people have medical conditions that can lead to early death, and others do not. In overweight people with Syndrome X, visceral fat wraps itself around the pancreas, colon, liver and other abdominal organs. Visceral fat is bad news, and the only way to get rid of it is the old-fashioned way: diet and exercise. The good news: Just a 5-10% weight loss eliminates the death threat of visceral fat. The only sure way to determine if someone's bulging belly hides Syndrome X is with an MRI.

Who we are!
My name is Ken and my wife's name is Christa
You are probably wondering why I created this web site?

Well the simple answer is that:
I am in my own opinion overweight. My ideal weight is
180 Lbs and I weigh 196 I was originaly 210 - 220. This may not seem like much to most of you who are alot heavier then that, but it means alot to me. I am tired of looking in the mirror and seeing fat. Today's society seem to think that a beer gut on a man is normal, but in actuality it's just an excuse for men to get lazy as they age. Behind that gut is nothing but pure fat.

I did not want to go my whole life looking that way and feeling down about myself. I decided to do my research online and I think I have come up with a system that involves not only me, but all of you who wish to lose weight.

Top exercise videos
We found the top 7 ABS exercise Videos..
Type Changes weekly
  • :08 min. Abs

    8 minutes; beginner, intermediate, advanced: ab toning
    gear: floor mat Click Here to read more about it

  • Ab Attack - Trish Muse

    30, 26, 8 minutes: intermediate, advanced: ab and back toning
    gear: floor mat, dumbbells. Click Here to read more about it

  • Abs of Steel 3

    42 minutes; beginner, intermediate, advanced; ab toning
    gear: floor mat, dumbbell (optional). Click Here to read more about it

  • Classic Abs of Steel Beginner/Intermediate (Abs of Steel 4)

    33 minutes; beginner, intermediate, advanced, very advanced; ab & lower back toning
    gear: chair (or stool), floor mat. Click Here to read more about it

  • Classic Abs of Steel Intermediate/Advanced (Abs of Steel 2)

    15, 15 minutes; advanced; ab (& chest) toning
    gear: floor mat

  • Reebok Strong Abs

    30 minutes: 3 warm-up, 8, 8, 8 toning, 2.5 stretch; beginner, intermediate, advanced. gear: floor mat Click Here to read more about it

  • Quick Fix Toning Series - Tight Abs Workout

    10, 10, 10 minutes; beginner, intermediate, advanced
    gear: floor mat Click Here to read more about it


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