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Our thoughts on weight loss:


I had to think about this one pretty hard.

So hear it goes!

From the moment we are born we are judged by others. If you are a chubby baby everyone says oh what a cute little baby he is so chubby. If you are a skinny little baby they say oh he is so cute, but he needs to put some weight on.

This is all fine. We are born those different sizes because of genetics. Most of the time that baby fat wears off when we become mobile, but sometimes it doesn't. Because maybe we weren't as active as other children Maybe our parents weren't active at all and we see this and mimic them.

This is all irrelevant. Some people have hormone problems and they are obese because of medical conditions, but I am tired of listening to people use these valid excuses for their own invalid excuses.

Society does place a lot of emphasis on being skinny, but like most of you I don't want to be "Skinny". I want to look healthy and feel healthy.

You can't tell me that a fat gut and big butt is looking healthy or feeling healthy?

Most of us are the way we are, because we choose to be that way or because we have never know any other way to live.

Well I am here to say that if you look in the mirror and don't like the fat hanging off of here or there.
Then you are most likely overweight in some shape or form.. I am not saying that you are obese, but maybe you have a fat bottom? Maybe your arms have flab and cellulite? What I am saying is that by doing the wrong things in life, like not exercising and not eating right. You have chosen to make your body look and feel that way. You body is designed to give you maximum efficiency based on what you give it for nutrients.

Fast Food is bad honestly!

Big fast food restaurants know that we are addicted to fast and greasy and unhealthy foods. That is why their marketing budgets are so high. You put that stuff into your body you can't expect your body to use it properly.

Those weight loss companies are probably all owned by the Big fast food restaurants. How many woman have you seen come off of these diet plans and programs lose weight and maintain it.. Sure there might be that odd person who succeeded and is probably exercising. For the most part these companies are so successful because they cater to repeat customers. You lose 10 pounds by starving 3 weeks later you gain 15 - 20 pounds because your body thinks it's in "Starvation Mod". It's true if your body thinks you are starving it it's going to store fat just like a bear does. But where does it get the rest of the energy and nutrients.. It takes away muscle and fluids.

Stay off of that Scale!

For Pete's sake don't get on that scale everyday!
It really bothers me to go to these web sites and see journals of woman who rant or rave about how they lost 2 pounds today or they gained 1 pound yesterday etc.. You gain and lose weight based on fluid intake and retention.
Better yet take an old pair of clothes that didn't fit you and try them on.. If they still don't fit make that your goal to be able to fit comfortably in them. Don't take a pair of jeans that you had in high school and expect for them to fit.. Be realistic. Take a pair of pants that you had 6 months ago that don't fit now and make that your goal to get into them. Then after you reached that goal go another step.

I had 3 pairs of jeans in my drawer that I couldn't even button up because of my weight. Now I can button all three and have about 1 -1 1/2 inches to spare in the waist. I am guilty of looking at the scale from time to time, but I don't do it to see if I lost weight. I work out so I know that my weight loss my not be as quick as I would like, but I am building muscle.

To my next point!

When you work out your muscles and do cardio to lose weight don't expect a fast weight loss in the beginning. Your working muscles that haven't been worked in a long time and they are adapting and growing as time goes by. Muscle weighs more then fat. You will gain muscle and lose weight, but you might not see it on the scale. So if I were you I wouldn't even buy a scale, or if you have one I wouldn't get on it. If you feel the need then do it 1 a month.


Final Words!

Don't get discouraged. It's hard to feel always upbeat about working out and eating healthy, but it's like anything else you need to work at it and push yourself. You will get cravings for foods that you shouldn't eat, but try to fight them. If they get the better of you then modify your workout to compensate for them. Add 50 more calories to your cardio workout a night to burn that chocolate bar that has 230 Calories. Just try to make working out fun get the family involved. Go for a walk in wooded trails or down the road. Go to the beach and swim in the water (When it's warm of course) Make eating healthy a family thing not just yours. Everyone can benefit from eating healthier.. Whether they weigh 50 pounds as a child or 230 pounds as an adult.

Good Luck and go to our Support Forum and post if you have problems dealing with weight of if you have success stories


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