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This is our story.

I grew up as a tall skinny kid. I was never really interested in food and eating and I was always the one kid you would find outdoors playing in the dirt or driving my bike.

I was always very active. I played hockey for most of my young life. I played sports right up until I got into Junior High School. That is when I met some pretty bad influences and started smoking and not playing sports anymore. The fact that I started smoking never really changed my physical appearance. I was always skinny even when I got to High School. I weighed 140 - 160 pounds. I used to wear a size 28 waist jeans. Around grade 12 I met my now wife Christa.

Christa was probably somewhere around 140 - 150 pounds when I met her. She was a very attractive girl. I was still not really interested in food at that time. We developed this bad habit of getting Burger King late at night. Then we started eating meal's and snacking in the evenings after we had moved in together. I was still fairly slim and I started to work out doing free weights. I developed some pretty good muscle mass.

Three years later we had a son named Matthew. After Matthew was born I came down with mononucleosis or mono for short. I was sick for a very very long time. For a month straight I could do nothing but sleep and drink liquids. I didn't gain any weight during this month, but I did end up quitting smoking because I figured it was a good time, due to the fact that I could hardly even swallow my own saliva. I had no desire at all to put a cigarette in my mouth. It was the many months of recovery that brought on my excessive weight gain. Christa's weight gain followed her pregnancy. Like many woman she used the I am pregnant excuse to allow herself to eat and be just plain lazy. I know this for a fact, because she admitted to me that it was one of the main reasons for her weight gain.

It took me 6 months to fully recover from mono. By this time I weighed probably around 230 pounds. Man did I feel bad about myself when I looked in the mirror. Looking in disgust at my "Spare Tire". I am so tired of hearing people in society say that a spare tire on a man is OK. It's not OK.. At least not to me. Think about what that spare tire is.. It's FAT plain and simple. I never grew up like that, and I sure as hell did not want to go the rest of my life looking like that. How many times do you look at an older man walking down the street with a big gut and say to yourself. "Man I hope I don't look like that when I get that age". Middle age spread to me is nothing but older men getting lazy and not exercising and eating like they should. We place way too much emphasis on eating and not enough on exercise and being active. I mean I am not the most active person in the world.. There are many nights that I sit in front of the TV, but I do exercises at least once a night for 40 minutes. If you want to read about what my workout consists of click here to take you to that section of our site.

Let's bring you to the here and now (I am now 29 years old).

For many years I lived with the way I look, but I always felt uncomfortable feeling this fat around my abdomen. It felt very unnatural. Like something that didn't belong, but I could never get rid of it.

One day last month I woke up in the morning and looked in the mirror in disgust.
I suggest you do this.

It may be depressing, but it could be the one eye opener that you need. Stand in front of the mirror naked and look everywhere on your body for fat.

I looked at my stomach and saw that horrible spare tire. I looked at my hips and was disgusted at my loves handles.. My chest was flabby and my butt had no definition, just some round thing taking up space in the world.

I decided from that day forward that I was going to change my life forever. No more, were the days of drinking pop everyday and eating take out every second day. It's not to say that I don't eat it once in a while. You have to enjoy yourself sometime, but just don't overdo it.

I spoke to Christa that evening and we talked about how wonderful we would feel if both of us were to lose weight. I told Christa that I would be there with her and we could get up every morning and exercise. So we pulled out our Tony Little tape and began our blind trek down the road to looking better. I decided to go online and find out as much information as possible about health and fitness. So from that moment on and to this day we work out. I won't go into detail about how we work out. If you want that info click here. What I will tell you is that without each others support we would have given up on working out all together.

Don't get discouraged if you don't have a partner or if your partner is not supportive..That is why I made this web site, so you can have a place to come and get support on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Let me give you my opinions on dieting.

These opinions are formed from reading extensive material from the Internet from very respected health and fitness web sites.

#1 There are no get thin quick schemes.

Most of those lose weight programs that make you live on nothing and count points etc. do not work. That does not mean that you will not lose weight, but what that means is that you will lose weight, but you will put it back on and probably more. I am so disgusted when I watch commercials for weight loss centers that say how their customers lost 15 pounds in 7 days. That brings me to my next point.

#2 Losing weight takes time.

Don't expect to lose 15 pounds in 7 days. It will not happen and if it does it's not fat that you are losing it's muscle and fluids. Losing weight takes time. You should expect to lose about 2 pounds a week. That is a healthy weight loss for most people. You should make losing weight your lifelong goal. Stop trying to lose weight so you can look good in 2 months for your class reunion. It took you many years to put that weight on you can't expect to take it off in weeks.

#3 Never ever starve yourself

This is the one reason that people fail when trying to lose weight. I never want you to use the word dieting. Dieting is bad. The one big problem that I had with losing weight, was that I would load my plate up with huge servings. I was so used to doing that growing up, but what I forgot was that my metabolism has slowed down since those days. Lower your portions. NEVER EVER leave the table hungry. That means your body hasn't gotten enough nutrients.

#4 Eat Healthy

This may be the most important thing that most of us overlook. You should buy only foods that have the calorie content written on the package. Actually the governments of Canada and the US should force food company's to print the nutritional information on each package. I try to stay below 1500-1600 calories.. Your body needs at least 1400 calories to do it's everyday bodily function. I will post everyday what I had to eat so maybe you can compare it and modify it to your needs.. I don't count my food with measuring cups etc.. that is just a hassle. I am intelligent enough to know how much is enough. You just have to think to yourself when you are dishing it out, how many calories would be in all of this. Eat vegetabless! Christa hates most vegetabless, so I make a stir fry and she loves it. Eat fruits they give you vitamins, but don't buy a bag of apples and eat the whole bag in one night. Some fruits are high in calories. One 7"-71/2" Banana has 180 Calories. That is quite a few if you think about it. But don't stop enjoying stuff like that. If you feel like having a candy bar then buy one, but maybe think about burning 50-100 more calories on your exercise bike or go another 20 minutes more when you walk for a the rest of the week. You have to give and take when it comes to losing weight and eating healthier.. For example last night I was getting those big time cravings to eat something.. So I ate 2 Arrow Root baby cookies (Each Cookie has 30 Calories) and an apple which has about 60 calories.. This is very out of sync for my usual routine, so I went an extra 100 calories on our exercise bike for a total of 600 calories burned I felt better about myself knowing that I took a little, but yet I gave a little back to my body.

#5 Eat Slow

The other big problem with people is that we are in too much of a hurry. I don't mean eat like a turtle or whatever, but don't throw big amounts on your fork and have to open your mouth wide to shovel it in. Slow down put half of what you normally would on your fork. This gives your stomach time to relate to your brain when it has had enough to eat.

#6 Never eat late at night.

In my own personal opinion don't eat past 9. This one is kind of common sense. You eat something like a sandwich or whatever after 9. You go to bed your body goes into rest mode. What do you think happens to the calories that you just put in your stomach. Your body is incapable of burning much of it because it is in rest mode. So it turns into fat.

#7 Don't drink as much POP/SODA

Pop has about 180 calories per can. I stopped drinking pop completely. I drink only water now. Christa's big downfall is pop she just can't cut pop out completely, so she has started drinking 1 or 2 glasses a day. She hates water so I tell her to drink unsweetened orange juice. I hated water at first, but I started drinking it and freezing half a jug so it was very cold and now that is pretty much all I drink. For GOD sakes don't drink alcohol often. Alcohol is very very bad for gaining weight. That is why most men have beer guts. They drink too much alcohol and it gets turned into fat

#8 Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

That is probably the biggest problem with society today. "WE ARE LAZY" yes I said it and if you don't want to admit it then you are fooling yourself. If you are overweight I guarantee that you are most likely lazy. I was lazy for many years and my weight showed it. I am not talking about getting an expensive pass to a gym.. I can't even afford that. There are all kinds of alternatives to suit your needs.. I hate walking.. I am just too lazy to do it. So we invested in an exercise bike we bought it for $189.00 Canadian at Wal-Mart (click here for the model) last time I checked they were $99.97 US. I mean you probably spent more than that in 2 weeks on take out. Don't just rely on the bike. It will definitely make you lose weight, but what happens to someone that loses weight and doesn't tone up their muscles? They look flabby. That is why we do Tony Little's Total Body Weight Loss Video. This video is great. I has beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. There is a little clock at the bottom of the screen that tells you what level you are at. 30 seconds of a certain exercise would be beginner and when you get to that point you can stop. Then when you find that the beginner is becoming to easy, you move onto the intermediate and then advanced. It only takes about an hour, but it seems like it's only minutes after you get into it.


Christa and I push each other every second morning to get up and do our Tony Little. If you want to eat a chocolate bar then eat one, but try not to eat one every night. That is where you start putting the weight on. Have one once a week as a treat day. If you want to eat take out, do like I do, go to Subway. Or if you can't go to Subway look closely at the menus at most fast food places.. Almost all fast food places have items that are healthier than hamburgers. Oh by the way!. Stay away from FRIES.
Fries are bad for you. If you have to, just get a burger or better yet buy something with chicken, but try to get it without the fattening coating. For instance Wendy's has a grilled chicken sandwich..

Better yet, come to this web site before you go out. Click Here to see the Cyberdiets calorie ratings for most of the popular fast food restaurants

Losing weight has to be something that you are dedicated to long term. Please do not try to lose weight fast. Make a long term commitment and you can do it.

This is not one of those web sites where I tell you that I have a "Six Pack" and I did it in 6 weeks. The reality is that I started about 4 weeks ago and I am working to slim down and become more healthy. This web site will give you all the steps that I am taking to get there. You will see my struggles. I have lost about 10 pounds in the last month, but I look in the mirror and I still see the fat that I have been working so hard to get rid of. I will make my 180 pound goal and I will be strong and look good. I am not trying to look good for other people, well maybe, I am but the most important person that I am doing this for is me and my self esteem.

I wish everyone good look in your life change



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